(Which I just typed as “They Eat & Draw” because that’s how I work.)

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Skip on over to Brooke’s blog to see some of her super sweet new work, including her 2012 Fairytale project!


Here are some more downloadable valentines for you!  Just click on the image to download a pdf and print the valentines on letter size cardstock.  Cut on the dotted lines, and there you go!  And don’t forget about Tina’s valentines, a few posts below.  They’re great!

I was featured on Kathy Temean’s blog (she’s the SCBWI NJ regional advisor).  Thank you Kathy for interviewing me for “Illustrator Saturday”!  I’m honored!

You can read the interview here.

Here’s a little linocut for all those happy babies out there!

Here’s a downloadable pdf of 4 different valentines from Tina! Print onto letter-size cardstock, then cut apart and enjoy. Tell your friends!


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For those of you that want to make a picture book dummy there’s a neat challenge getting started right now at Kid Lit Art. It starts Jan 9th with picking your project (although I imagine you can catch up if you start late). And it ends with submitting your dummy to agents and/or publishers on July 1st. I’m doing it! Anyone want to join me?!

I have made several dummies before and I love the process. I guess I just like making books in general! I always learn so much about storytelling and illustrating with each one. Here’s a photo of a few of them.

Happy New Year! I’m giving away this little print of Snowflowers over on my blog Art on the Page. Stop by to leave me a comment and be entered in the drawing celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary. I hope you all have a fantastic 2012!

A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens, and first published by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. Now, 168 years later it seems the only difference in our society is that we have so many more Scrooges. Sorry to be dark and negative, but everywhere I look these days miserly activities are far worse. Ebenezer remarked about the poor, “If they would rather die they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.” I can’t help but notice that same attitude prevails today.

I chose to illustrate this scene when Bob Cratchit asks for Christmas day off to spend with his family, and Scrooge only allows it because no other businesses will be open. I was struck by how even today we work and work, but if we don’t get to enjoy quality time with our loved ones than what is it all for? Is this the life we want for everyone when our world is filled with such abundance?

While researching this story I recorded Disney’s Christmas Carol thinking it would be the great version with the mouse, but instead it was that freaky one with the animation that tries too hard to be too realistic. I found it to be unwatchable. Then, I found the wonderful Muppet version, and was much more inspired. I even watched The Flinstones’ version and the George C. Scott movie was very good. Dr. Who had a fantastic Christmas Carol episode last year.

It’s been so fun seeing what our blog members have turned out for this topic! Check out the wonderful illustrations by Jill, Tina, and Brooke that have already posted.

I was so excited when Angela chose “A Christmas Carol” for this month’s theme.  I would definitely like to revisit this story again.  There are so many wonderful characters and scenes to illustrate!  But, this is what I came up with for now.  I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!

The Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge out into the chilly night. In the book, he sprinkled incense from his torch that filled people’s hearts with feelings of goodwill.

Happy holidays, everyone!

Here is my entry for the 2012 SCBWI Tomie dePaola contest.

Chicken Licken & friends encounter their pal Turkey Lurkey en route to telling the king- “The sky is falling!” And stop blocking the road, Turkey Lurkey!

It was a fun one this year & at least I got a portfolio piece out of it!

Well….. Our November theme to illustrate was Robots and I did start this linocut in November.  But it’s such a busy time of year that I just got it done! Happy Holidays everyone- and for those of you traveling, remember to bring your map!

Angela suggested we do an illustration from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens this month. This little painting actually takes place a year after the story ends. Mr. Scrooge and Tiny Tim have been practicing singing Christmas carols ALL YEAR! Don’t they sound great?! 🙂

I painted this little drawing in my sketchbook and then carved some snowflakes and stamped them with white ink. I wish they showed up better but snowflakes are subtle so it’s ok, right? Here’s a photo of the snowflake stamps.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Happy December!  I didn’t quite finish my robot illustration in time for November, but better late than never, right?

I’ve updated my Etsy shop with some prints of my illustrations, as well as a set of holiday note cards.  Hooray!  Click here to come take a look.  Also, I’m hosting a giveaway over on my blog.  Maybe you’d like to enter for a chance to win a note card set and the illustration print of your choice?

Automated Bunnies – Acrylic on wood

I started sketching fairly traditional robots for our November theme, but they somehow morphed into these robot/bionic bunny hybrids. Sometimes I just hold onto the pencil, and let the idea play out. I just dropped this off for a local gallery show. You can see the other 2 paintings here.

I am working on my own slightly deranged re-vamp of “The Wind in the Willows.”