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This week’s Illustration Friday word is Stripes which influenced this doodle from my sketch book. My husband and I drove across rural Colorado last week and saw several factories. One of them was putting out charming little puffs of steam which reminded me that I used to think that’s how clouds were made. I drew this quick sketch while my husband drove. And I colored it with colored pencil late last night for the fun of it!


I have no explanation for why I drew a mermaid playing a tuba underwater. I’m sure she’s playing a beautiful song though!

My 15 minute sketch this week turned into a sketch/collage. I went through a period of cutting up and collaging some of my old linocuts several years ago. And recently I’ve been cleaning out my drawers. I saved the best pieces of cut up prints and the umbrella inspired this silly drawing. 🙂

I am still working on developing an art licensing portfolio with my hand-lettering…can you tell?

I am playing with lettering these days, so, ummmm…here. 🙂

We are only supposed to be spending 15 minutes on these sketches and yes, I spent longer on this one. But it didn’t look like anything after 15 minutes & I was having a good time! Then when I went to photograph it it was too pale to get a good picture so I went over it in pen. I will try to follow the rules better next time. 🙂

Here’s my 15 minute hide & seek sketch. It was hard to think of something to draw until I remembered a little boy I used to babysit. He always wanted to play hide and seek so I’d count while he hid. I’d sing out “Where’s Jesse?????” until I found him, usually standing in the middle of a room with his hands over his eyes not hiding at all. Then I had to decide whether to play along and keep looking or let him know that even though he couldn’t see me, um… well, I could still see him.

I just googled Jesse and as far as I can tell he now drives a tow truck. So it’s likely he’s grown up and can play a mean game of hide and seek.

The theme for our first Scribble-Off was “Hide & Seek.”

Even though I proposed this week’s topic, I was having artist’s block until I went grocery shopping with the kids last night.

What’s a Scribble-Off? Must be a scribble (a rough sketch, no more than 15 min), and…that’s about it. No worries. Just an exercise. We give ourselves a group topic each Monday & plan to post within the a week. I love looking at other artists’ sketchbooks, I hope you enjoy it too!