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You might have noticed that Between the End Pages has slowed down quite a bit. We are all still busily working away at various art projects, but it got difficult to keep up with posts as a group. So we are very sorry, but we are going to say goodbye!

We appreciate all of the lovely visitors we’ve had, and hope to still see you around the internet other places. Please come say hi at our individual blogs if you’d like, they are listed to the left.

Here’s a sweet goodbye message from Brooke. Take care!! 🙂


Here’s a linocut print I made based on the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It’s a great book, I highly recommend it. I wish I the circus would come to my town!

Summer is here and it’s time to go fishing!

Here’s an illustration I did for the SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter Conference illustration contest. The one I sent in has text also, but I liked the boy and girl enough to paint them on their own. They are a space-plane and rocket design team! You can see the full illustration and process of making it over on my blog.

I woke up today to low gray clouds and a tiny bit of snow on the ground. I think it’s gonna rain! It seemed like a good day to post my new linocut for our theme this month, Rainstorm.

I just finished this linocut to include in my new picture book dummy. It’s about how our home is more than just the house we live in, but is also our town, our country, our continent, and in fact the whole beautiful world. There are photos that show the process of making this print over at my blog

Here’s a little linocut for all those happy babies out there!

For those of you that want to make a picture book dummy there’s a neat challenge getting started right now at Kid Lit Art. It starts Jan 9th with picking your project (although I imagine you can catch up if you start late). And it ends with submitting your dummy to agents and/or publishers on July 1st. I’m doing it! Anyone want to join me?!

I have made several dummies before and I love the process. I guess I just like making books in general! I always learn so much about storytelling and illustrating with each one. Here’s a photo of a few of them.

Happy New Year! I’m giving away this little print of Snowflowers over on my blog Art on the Page. Stop by to leave me a comment and be entered in the drawing celebrating my 2 year blog anniversary. I hope you all have a fantastic 2012!

Well….. Our November theme to illustrate was Robots and I did start this linocut in November.  But it’s such a busy time of year that I just got it done! Happy Holidays everyone- and for those of you traveling, remember to bring your map!

Angela suggested we do an illustration from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens this month. This little painting actually takes place a year after the story ends. Mr. Scrooge and Tiny Tim have been practicing singing Christmas carols ALL YEAR! Don’t they sound great?! 🙂

I painted this little drawing in my sketchbook and then carved some snowflakes and stamped them with white ink. I wish they showed up better but snowflakes are subtle so it’s ok, right? Here’s a photo of the snowflake stamps.

Happy Holidays everyone!

This week’s Illustration Friday word is Stripes which influenced this doodle from my sketch book. My husband and I drove across rural Colorado last week and saw several factories. One of them was putting out charming little puffs of steam which reminded me that I used to think that’s how clouds were made. I drew this quick sketch while my husband drove. And I colored it with colored pencil late last night for the fun of it!

Brooke, Tina, Marsha and I are really excited to have Angela Matteson join us. Look at this gorgeous illustration based on Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach that Angela recently posted on her blog. What scary sharks!

Pretty soon we’ll spiff up the header to include her and hopefully you’ll be seeing her posts before long!

Halloween is coming right up! Don’t forget to check out The Picky Little Witch by Elizabeth Brokamp and illustrated by our own fabulous Marsha Riti.

Listen to this ingredient list- “Eye of newt, toe of sock, heel of boot, salted rock, hair of slug, wart of frog, spit of bug, and mold on log.” YUM!

I have no explanation for why I drew a mermaid playing a tuba underwater. I’m sure she’s playing a beautiful song though!

Our October theme is Masks- perfect for Halloween month, right? I made a lion and it was a lot of fun. There are some process photos on my blog here and here.

Lion Mask

Lion Mask child size

If you click on the images you can download a high resolution file to print. Then you can cut it out and wear it yourself! I’m not sure what age child the smaller mask will fit. You may have to make it bigger or smaller.

To attach threads, poke holes where there are two black dots on each temple. Tie the threads in a knot on the back at each side. Then tie the mask behind your head.


My 15 minute sketch this week turned into a sketch/collage. I went through a period of cutting up and collaging some of my old linocuts several years ago. And recently I’ve been cleaning out my drawers. I saved the best pieces of cut up prints and the umbrella inspired this silly drawing. 🙂

We are only supposed to be spending 15 minutes on these sketches and yes, I spent longer on this one. But it didn’t look like anything after 15 minutes & I was having a good time! Then when I went to photograph it it was too pale to get a good picture so I went over it in pen. I will try to follow the rules better next time. 🙂

Here’s my 15 minute hide & seek sketch. It was hard to think of something to draw until I remembered a little boy I used to babysit. He always wanted to play hide and seek so I’d count while he hid. I’d sing out “Where’s Jesse?????” until I found him, usually standing in the middle of a room with his hands over his eyes not hiding at all. Then I had to decide whether to play along and keep looking or let him know that even though he couldn’t see me, um… well, I could still see him.

I just googled Jesse and as far as I can tell he now drives a tow truck. So it’s likely he’s grown up and can play a mean game of hide and seek.

This month we are illustrating “Ocean Voyage.” I have to admit that I had already drawn this sketch thinking about illustrating a poem. Since it sort of fit with the ocean voyage theme Marsha picked, I decided to finish it.

The longest stretch of water I’ve been over in a boat was a ferry from mainland Spain to  Majorca. (Not very far.) Dolphins swam with the boat most of the way. One day I’d love to see whales!