In the last few months I have met lots of people on the internet who are excited to try linocuts of their own. I usually post photos of my illustrations in progress on my blog

I thought I’d share a few of my favorite printmaking sites here for the fun of it.

How-to for beginners:

Part one and Part two by Jessica Guptill

How to Make Linocuts by GraduallyGreener


Printeresting   Printsy    Mary Azarian   Beth Krommes   Holly Meade   Chris Wormell   Sherrie York   Angie Lewin  Mark Hearld   Rik Olson  Taeeun Yoo   Sue Todd   Claire Emery   Tugboat Printshop  List of 50 Best Printmaking Blogs

Buy Supplies:

McClain’s Printmaking Supplies

Graphic Chemical and Ink

Let me know if you have other great printmaking sites and info to share. Now go make some prints!