You might have noticed that Between the End Pages has slowed down quite a bit. We are all still busily working away at various art projects, but it got difficult to keep up with posts as a group. So we are very sorry, but we are going to say goodbye!

We appreciate all of the lovely visitors we’ve had, and hope to still see you around the internet other places. Please come say hi at our individual blogs if you’d like, they are listed to the left.

Here’s a sweet goodbye message from Brooke. Take care!! 🙂

Here’s a detail from an illustration that I just added to my portfolio.  In just a few days I’ll meet up with Jill and Tina at the SCBWI summer conference in L.A.  I can’t wait!!


Here are some rough sketches for a recent commission.

Below is the approved final sketch. I’ll post the painted final on my blog soon.


Here’s a linocut print I made based on the book The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. It’s a great book, I highly recommend it. I wish I the circus would come to my town!

Still need help getting ready for the SCBWI Summer Conference?
We are posting tips on our Facebook page!

Check it out here:

Some of us are going this year, and some of us went other years.
I’ve never gotten to go before, this is my first time, and boy am I nervous, you guys. Not only am I fretting about my portfolio, but I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY shy, so I’m worrying about being too shy and not talking to anyone and hiding in a corner and then drinking too much coffee to become less shy but then I might have to pee every ten minutes and spend my entire conference in line for the ladies’ room. And then getting the hem of my skirt tucked into my tights. Also, I’m worried about my new business cards.
Fortunately, Jill and Brooke are going too, so I’ll know someone ahead of time!

Here’s a collection of links about going to the conference, what to expect, and advice! Please share your SCBWI conference tips & experiences in the comments.

Angela blogs about the 2011 summer conference:

Jill gives a recap of the 2010 summer conference:

Brooke talks about her experiences at the 2011 conference:

Heather Powers gives some helpful tips:

Debbie Ohi (inkygirl) made these awesomely hilarious comics & gives more advice:

Molly Idle’s fabulous tips on promo postcards:

Kelly Light’s awesome recap of the Summer 2011 Conference:

Here’s what Diandra Mae had to say about it too:

Note: I can’t wait to meet everyone in person!

This has nothing to do with the conference, but a few years ago I went to one of Lynda Barry’s writing workshops, Writing the Unthinkable (HIGHLY RECOMMEND, YOU GUYS, OMG) and she has this marvelous way of making you, well, believe in yourself. Which is the title of this article about it:

And I think that’s really the secret ingredient, right? Confidence!!!
Also, coffee!

I’ve been working on lots of new designs for the French Nest Market, and this is one of them.  Her friends, Summer, Fall, and Winter will be at the market too.  You can see Summer over on my blog.  Happy Thursday!

Summer is here and it’s time to go fishing!

My favorite cookie recipe ever. (And I do eat the raw dough, even though I’m not supposed to.)

Here’s an illustration I did for the SCBWI Rocky Mountain Chapter Conference illustration contest. The one I sent in has text also, but I liked the boy and girl enough to paint them on their own. They are a space-plane and rocket design team! You can see the full illustration and process of making it over on my blog.


I’ve added some new items to my Etsy shop, including this “Hey Diddle Diddle” illustration.  Come see!

Hand-lettering fun from Tina

I woke up today to low gray clouds and a tiny bit of snow on the ground. I think it’s gonna rain! It seemed like a good day to post my new linocut for our theme this month, Rainstorm.


Here’s my quick sketch for this month’s “Pinocchio” theme.  The original version of “Pinocchio” sure is wacky!  You can read some of it here if you’d like.

This month our topic is Pinocchio. I’m concentrating on some other paintings at the moment, and completing the dreaded taxes. I didn’t want to completely pass up such a fun topic, so here are some quick character studies I was playing around with.

I’m very much looking forward to the new 3D stop motion animated Pinocchio movie based on Gris Grimly’s illustrated 2002 book of Carlo Collodi’s tale! It will be brought to the screen by none other than the masters, Guillermo del Toro and The Jim Henson Company! Some more info here.

If I spoke German, I could make up a story to go with this one. (Because it can only be read in German. It’s that kind of story.)

I just finished this linocut to include in my new picture book dummy. It’s about how our home is more than just the house we live in, but is also our town, our country, our continent, and in fact the whole beautiful world. There are photos that show the process of making this print over at my blog

A nontraditional Valentine gift can be just as sweet.

Scroll down to download wonderful free printable Valentine cards from Tina & Brooke!